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Hack for GoPro HERO cameras to use long intervals in timelapse

What is MegaLapse?

MegaLapse is a file that allows GoPro cameras to shoot longer timelapses with higher intervals (from 2 min to 45 min intervals!)

It works with HERO3 Black cameras, HERO3 Plus Black cameras, HERO3 Plus Silver*, HERO3 Silver*, HERO3 White* and HERO2*. And if someone owns a HERO (The previous of HERO2) and wants to test megalapse, contact me.

How it works?

MegaLapse is a file called autoexec.ash, GoPro cameras recognize autoexec.ash files as executable files.

It works because it repeats the file, infinite loop!

I recommend to use a modified USB cable to charge the gopro during the time is shooting when is in its housing. Or buy a GoPro HERO3 Battery Eliminator (ONLY for HERO3 Plus and HERO3 cameras, NOT HERO2)

Also, to calculate the interval for your custom setup check out the the GoPro Calculator for Timelapse


MegaLapse for HERO3 Black / HERO3+ Black

sleep 1
t app appmode photo
sleep X
t app button shutter PR

MegaLapse for HERO3 + Silver

Thanks Jason!

sleep X
t app button shutter PR
reboot yes

MegaLapse for HERO3 Silver / HERO3 White / HERO2

t gpio 43 sw out0
sleep X
t gpio 43 sw out1
t gpio 43 sw out0
reboot yes

HERO4 hack coming soon!

* HERO3 + Silver, HERO3 Silver, HERO3 White and HERO2 need to be set to Photo mode in default mode! See how

X is the interval in seconds. In GitHub, there are folders with interval files, aditionally, you can set your own interval.

Download MegaLapse

MegaLapse can be found in GitHub


When you have downloaded the file from GitHub, just drag it to the root level of the sd, where DCIM and MISC are. Need more help? check out this howto.




MegaLapse is a creation of Konrad Iturbe