Wireless reverse engineering effort. Control your GoPro camera wirelessly, offload media, view the live feed, start/stop recording, take photos, change settings etc...
Maintained for ~8 years with updates whenever a new GoPro was released. Cameras supported: HERO2...HERO7 (WiFi, BLE optional), Fusion, HERO8, MAX, HERO9 - HERO11 (WiFi + BLE)

GoPro Python API

Most used implementation of the GoPro HTTP API spec in Python. Supports Python3.5+. HERO2..HERO7 supported, HERO8 and beyond need a BLE call hack before using.


GoPro hacking effort. Autoexecutable scripts used to enhance the possibilities on off the shelf consumer hardware. Out of the box usecases such as: extending the timelapse functionality, getting longer exposure times, locking exposure to fixed setting.

Media Management Tool (MMT)

Catch-all tool for importing, sorting and managing videos/photos from various action cameras and drones. Supports importing media from GoPro, DJI and Insta360 devices. Device manufacturers don't write the filenames in a way that's easy to sort when editing, so this tool will organize media by camera, date, location, importance, media type, resolution.

BeReal timelapse

Generates a timelapse from your BeReal moments

NASA InSight Photo API

Python library for downloading image dumps from NASA's InSight Mars Mission Photo dump. Reverse engineered from NASA's website.